BBC Planning & Installing


Any company pioneering it way forward needs to design, procure and assemble its constituent parts. Television production, radio production, web production, transmitters, infrastructure and internal management have become colossal undertakings over the years.

Significant teams of staff were needed. Those involved in the technical, as opposed to architectural, engineering planning and installation were in one department.


However it was continuously meddled with and so had many many names. Those that I currently know of are:

           Station Design & Installation Department -SD&ID

           Studio Planning & Installation Department -Stu&PID

           Studio Capital Projects Department -SCPD

           Planning & Installation Department -P&ID

           Project Management Services -PMS

As the staff were generally the same for all of the above see page:      Planning & Installing Staff                      


Then PMS and all the IT staff were annexed into a new wholly owned BBC subsidiary:

           BBC Technology


Then this was sold to



Then this was sold to:


Aka Studio Planning & Installation Department SPID,

BBC PID, Studio Capital Projects Department SCPD,

BBC P&ID, BBC Project Management Services PMS,

Professional Solutions BBC PS.


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PMS, Woodlands, 80 Wood Lane, London W12  0TT

Equipment Department,

Avenue House, 114 Power Road, Chiswick W4 5PY