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Freecycle is not a cycling but a recycling site. Folk put goods that they don’t want up for grabs and likewise those wanting something put their hand up -easy. It’s a great way of cutting landfill. My local group is: Ealing Freecycle.

London Cycle Campaign is about cycling. Advice, campaigns obviously and links to other good sources of information.

Visit England and     Information Britain Tourist Information Centres  Nearly every town in the UK (there are two systems don’t know why ?) has produced cycling guides. From my experience they are brilliant -Xavier and I would never be without one. London ones can be acquired from another system here: Cycle Guide from TfL.

Tourist Information Centres

Why Cycling

What’s there to like about cycling ? As you are reading this you may already have an interest. For me the following factors make it such a pleasure:

  1. the feeling of freedom

  2. seeing all of where you are traveling

  3. knowing that I am not polluting the planet

  4. I refuse to join a gym so I’m getting good steady, non-impact exercise

  5. Smelling the places I pass through

This latter I infamously submitted to a TfL competition. Having been brought up in the country I miss the seasonal scents as a result of the coming growth of spring, the vast array of fragrances during early summer, the discernible dust of harvest, the spiciness from making of silage, the sweet sweet aroma of the sugars in different types of decaying leaves in autumn, the damp of early winter, and the crispness of mid-winter. People fail to soak up huge array of piques,  and the smell of the sap

What’s there to like about cycling ? As you are reading this you may already have an interest. In modern cities there are definitely risks but so I avoid the worst places -is there any point to being brave if you are going to get injured or worse. Therefore I avoid cycling during the worst of the ‘rush hour’ or in London ‘rush 2½  hours’. I am especially vigilant where there are a lot of side roads. I never cycle without front and rear lights when the daylight is poor or at night. At all times I wear something that is retroreflective.