Our Environment

The Environment Site is a cool place to see why and how we can all make a difference to the waste that is causing pollution of our beautiful world.

See also the Eco Jobs section.

Sustainable Environment for Quality of Life have loads of environmental ideas -particularly see, under their My Role tab, 100 Ways To Save The Environment page.

Our Transport

SusTrans the leading organisation for getting people around without it being polluting but fun and community lead !



Avoiding Landfill & Methane

Why not join Freecycle in your area. It not a cycling but a recycling site. Folk put goods that they don’t want up for grabs and likewise those wanting something put their hand up -easy. It’s a great way of cutting landfill. My local group is: Ealing Freecycle.

Environmental Nappies

Each one takes over 100 years to break down. There are alternatives:   RNfL

I am a very keen cyclist see page: Cycling

Our Atmosphere

A good place to start is the American University Corporation for Atmospheric research. They have a very good  Simple Explanation Of The Greenhouse Effect.

Other Organisations

Long established international and very local protectors of our environment.

The world’s most active pressure group. They buy land, ships, lawyers to publicise the atrocities inflicted by us on this our planet earth.

The premier protector of wildlife.

I don’t understand these guys at all but they claim to be the oldest.

Another big gun able to campaign at an international level to “conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.”


Reconsider Your Environmental Footprint

There’s a lot we can and should do:

Claire Mitchell of Job-Prices (they give overall estimates of domestic house improvement costs) gives clear common sense ways for us to reduce our worsening of environmental change.

London ran out of its own landfill years ago so it’s transported long distance, with all the inherent costs and pollution, to fill up somebody else’s back yard. Stored for hundreds of years in this way it leaks waste into the water table and decays in the non-air environment making methane. Biological matter is particular able at producing this Greenhouse Gas that’s why councils are rightly spending our taxes on collecting domestic food scraps to compost them.