Planning & Installing Staff

On this page are the meritous planning and installing staff where ever they worked. 

BBC, BBCT, Siemens, Atos

Ex-BBCT Reunions

Fortnightly meetings in London:      Ex-BBCT Staff Wiki (External Site)

(Thanks go to Chris Harrison and Pat Hoyle)


     2009 - Christmas Lunch

     2012 - Visit to Fullers Griffin Brewery

     2012 - In Phase Social At Churchill Arms

     2012 - Christmas Lunch

     2013 - Brunel Tunnel

     2013 - Christmas Lunch

     2014 - The Dove

     2014 - Christmas Lunch

     2015 - Christmas Lunch

     2016 - Christmas Lunch

     2017 - Wandsworth Spring Beerfest

     2017 - The Fox, Hanwell

     2017 - The Greyhound, Kew

     2017 - Christmas Lunch - Available Jan 2019

     2018 - The Fox, Hanwell

     2018 - Christmas Lunch - Mayflower Pub

     2019 - Christmas Lunch - Mayflower Pub

See also:      Technical Investigations Staff


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