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The company was formed in 1997 through a merger of two French IT companies; and combined with the Dutch-based company Origin B.V. in 2000, becoming Atos Origin. It subsequently acquired KPMG Consulting in 2002 and SchlumbergerSema in 2004.

Siemens IT Solutions & Services became an entity legally independent of Siemens AG in October 2010. In 2010 Atos Origin announced the buyout of Siemens IT Solutions and Services and finalized the acquisition in July 2011. Afterwards the company name reverted back to Atos In December 2010, it was announced that Atos Origin would form a strategic partnership with Siemens AG. The deal concluded in July 2011, where Siemens contributed its Siemens IT Solutions and Services for a total sum of €850 million to Atos Origin in order to create a European IT branch. Siemens will for a period of at least five years be a shareholder of Atos Origin with a 15% stake. As part of the transaction, Siemens concluded a seven-year outsourcing contract worth around €5.5 billion, under which Atos Origin will provide Managed Services and Systems Integration to Siemens. As part of the merger, Atos Origin changed its name to "Atos"

In 2004, Siemens Business Services won the contract to run the outsourced IT, telephony and broadcast technology systems of the BBC, which had previously been run by BBC Technology.[4] Siemens was also contracted to run the BBC's Digital Media Initiative until 2009, when the BBC terminated the contract and Siemens paid a £27.5m settlement to the BBC.[5] In the same year, Siemens's telephony services also ran into difficulty after Siemens switched the BBC over to an IP telephony system.

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