Feeling Strongly About Something ?

Campaign against women being treated as sex objects in all forms from Page 3 to Lapdancing clubs. I have a daughter and Object to her being influenced by immoral attitudes.

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Campaign for men and women to expect men to be involved with the bringing up of children. Please understand that there are many women members as this is not an organisation only dedicated to redress the appalling bias in British Courts.

Families Need Fathers

Consumer Law -Your Rights

We all consume. We all pay. We all have had a problem with some item or service that isn’t as good as it should be. English Law affords purchasers many rights:

If You Feel Strongly -Other Rights

I feel strongly about the following organisations and therefore suggest a visit to their websites which may enlighten you for the following reasons:

Firstly see the user friendly:                    Government Consumer Direct

Introduction and good tips:                   BBC: Five Consumer Laws You Really Ought To Know

For clarity do look at:                               Consumer Rights Expert

There is advice at:                                     Office Of Fair Trading

The legal poistion is explained further:  Trading Standards

I found this site to be particularly clear: What Consumer

(and don’t forget to look at their top complaints page -you’ll realise that you are not alone !)

Consumer’s Association:                          Which

Lastly I’ll just say that the majority of goods and services that we buy are of reasonable quality and fit for purpose. However when this is not the case we need to complain to the right people in the first place being clear on when and where we bought an item, what we expected and what we expect in response to our complaint.

Remember it is the RETAILER that has responsibility to ensure our satisfaction. They must not fob us off blaming the manufacturer.

Battery Recycling

I feel strongly about batteries. There are many heavy metals in batteries. Please be aware that NiCd batteries contain Cadmium -it says so on the box ! This is a serious toxin that bioaccumulates in organism’s bodies. Japanese people have particularly suffered from Itai-itai disease. Nearly all electronic items have a backup battery so it is wise to properly recycle these items too. Laptop computers are the largest single source. In the West, on average, we throw away 3.3 tonnes of electrical goods in our lifetimes ! The UK currently puts 50,000 tonnes of dry cell batteries into it’s domestic waste -this has got to stop. Did you know that anyone selling more than 32Kg of batteries per year has to provide an in-store recycling bin eg most supermarkets including Lidl now, that is well labelled to put your old dry cell batteries in. Of course all councils in Europe provide recycling facilities for everything that is nolonger of use. Save -the planet. Save -your body.

Read this article to see how common high concentrations of cadmium are in certain promotional items.

In the hierachy Reduce, Re-use, Recycle is is even better to re-use than to recycle so why not join your local FreeCycle group

For my information on rechargable battery use see Batteries