There is so much history wrapped up in this little island that I will pick just a few links that you might have missed..

History Of English Coinage

So often you can understand a country’s long term history and politics through the way it handled money -this is especially true of England. The slightly manic Nikolas Lloyd takes us from 150BC through the eclectic range of factors that put money into circulation today. Whilst he admits he appears to go off topic a fair bit these diversions are actually both relevant and educational in the wider understanding of English history (59m).

Places To Go: United Kingdom

The UK has a vast array of beautiful, historically significant and preserved industrial sites. There are 200 historic houses overseen by The National Trust and 400 historic monuments and buildings overseen by English Heritage.

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The UK government has set aside 15 National Parks where changes to anything are severely restricted. Additional to those are designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and are shown in green below.

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A History Of Britain - The Histocrat

If you want to know more about British early history you could do worse than to start here. Thoroughly researched detail helps one understand that not all history is black and white as it first appears -especially the ancient stuff like Stonehenge. George Smith casts light on a number of theories as to why people did what they did.

(Four parts covering 8000BC to 01AD ~1hr each)

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