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Earth & Sky Observation

General Advice

Weather Forecasting

Basic current 24h or less. Shows UK only.

A good site which has plenty of current and forecast maps for temps, precipitation, cloud cover, expert maps, history webcams, water conditions

eg see right.

An overall view. Forecasts are simply depicted.

Websites that feature live satellite imagery or the earth from satellite.


Whilst some care has been taken to check externally linked websites no responsibility is offered nor implied for the suitability, legality or reliability of content therein.

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This is the daytime portion of the Astronomy and Earth webpages. Links are to sites which are notionally looking in the other direction ie from above the earth looking down on to it.

Damage To Your Eyes Or Risk Of Fire

I’m sure that you don’t need me to remind you that the sun supplies vast amounts of energy in many forms to us on our little planet. Therefore never look directly at the sun nor to point any magnifying device towards it.

A number of websites feature live imagery of lightening. There are a variety of ways in which these can be tracked -normally it is by triangulating the burst of energy received by simple radio aerials. My understanding is not complete but there must be an awful lot of aerials used by these sites in order to get such accurate fixes on what obviously are very local events.

Please check their description of how they mark cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud events and why the strikes are usually made up of several (even up to 40) strokes.

A live time-lapse of the loop of the last few hours over Western Europe. See right.

Zoom in to exceeding detailed maps. Resolution is often as good as 1km. See right

Satellite Views Of Earth

Lightening Tracking

Click on any logo to go to the website.

I admit that I have a penchant for WOL. You cannot zoom in but you can loop the last few hours to show you where there storm has been moving.

European Free Maps

Search for any city in the world. Depicts a view as if from above the earth.

Wonderful views of places on our wonderful plant.

(please look after it..)