EXsther Tonson-Wickham
Léonard Raimbert
Karolyn Corp
Quinn Logan
Ella Perkins
Claudia Messenger


Smiths In New Zealand Family Tree

Please understand that no seniority is given by the physical positions of individual family members on this page. The layout is merely constrained by attempting to describe human relations in two dimensions. No relative importance is implied nor given.


I am actively seeking information about people on this tree.

Please contact me at address on Home page.

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= Hugh Montgomery
= Bruce Perkins
= Michel L’Herpinière
= Paul Messenger
= Patricia ?
Edwina Messenger
Harriet Messenger
Benjamin Perkins
Georgina Perkins
= Eric McKessor
Laura Harrison
Ella MacPherson
Duncan MacPherson
Clea MacPherson
Megan Harrison
= John Harrison
= Catherine Jaucent
Scott Binnie
Carl McKessar
Hamish McKessar
Georgia Binnie
= Peter Binnie
= Claire ?
=Mawson MacPherson
Zsenai Logan
Xandar Logan
= Brendon Logan
=Eleanor Crowe
=Helen ?
= Ken Drew
=Anthea Zajonskoski
Andrew Smith
= Graham Wood
= Phyllis Limbrick
= Liz Parker
Lyndal Smith
Sarah Smith
Monette Smith
Philippa Drew
Russell Drew
Geoffrey Drew
Peter Drew
Carolyn Wood
= Damian Appleton
Christiaan Wood
= Vidette ?
= Ken Corp
= Harold Leigh
= Margaret ?
Samuel Ondaatje
= Chris Ondaatje
Daniel Ondaatje
= Elizabeth Moore
= Mel Smirnow
Jakob Smith
Rebecca Smith
Nikita Smith
Karina Smith
Lani Smith
= Sarah Mitchell
Owen Smith
= Bryce Shepherd
=Heather Gunn
= Philip Pegler
= Amanda Manning
Ryan Shepherd
Jessica Shepherd
Samuel Pegler
Siam Pegler
Oliver Manning
Harrison Manning
=Elise Heap
Tessa Smith
Rose Smith
Emily Smith
= Joanna Belding
=Shirley Adamson
= Erin Spencer
Ella Smith
Hanna Smith
Kobe Smith
From Goodman Family
Tree: click this graphic.FamilyTreeGoodman.html

Researching family trees is an extremely time consuming process. The webmaster sincerely acknowledges the efforts of:

1 - D JACK GOODMAN.   Full acknowledgement is given to Jack Goodman, Australia, RIP who researched hand written family trees in the 1980's.

2 - DEREK SMITH.         Full acknowledgement is given to Derek Smith, New Zealand, who provided his own researched family tree and a large number of photographs and an electronic presentation used at the reunion of 2008.


= Francis Doddrell
Lachlan Smith
Remy Smith
Isla Smith
=PXaul Tonson
=MXerran Wickham
=Julian Raimbert
= Beryl Denison
= Hazel Drew
=1 Nancy Owen    =2 Gwen Durrant