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I’ve been selflessly dining out and gorging on so many tasty delights that with all the alcohol that I was forced to drink at the moment I can only remember these snippets of culinary knowledge:

Caroline’s Elderflower Cordial


I got this recipe from my friend Caroline Jamieson. My 14 year old daughter, Lydia, and I made it in 2010 and wow our tastebuds dribble at the thought. Flowers only available in May.

See separate subpage to see how to make your own fresh:  Caroline’s Elderflower Cordial Recipe

Banana Icecream Delight


Ever been out and come back exhausted ? Need a reward for all your hard work ?

I have. But is just a bowl of Cornish Clotted Cream Vanilla icecream not special enough? Well put out a big portion anyway...

While it’s melting, deliciously, quietly go to the back of your wardrobe, under that dodgy shirt that you should never have bought without thinking, from the tatty cardboard box retrieve that bottle of liqueur that you hid. The cheaper German supermarkets do this in unbelievable flavours like: Cream & Banana, Passionfruit (recommended), Pineapple, etc for between £6.99 - £8.99 (Warning: 17% proof) but take it from me these are just as good as the £18 stuff we got on our honeymoon in the Bahamas ! If you can afford orange Cointreau that’s rather splendid too.

So pour it on generously and revel in your revved up reward. Garnish with thin slices of ripe banana to feel really opulent.

Further Warning: ensure that the liqueur has not gone off by checking frequently !