Gee Family Tree

= Bruce Jackson
= Charles
= Robert Yeldham
= Percy Charles Day
= Freda
= Doris
Walter Edgar Gee
Albert Edward Gee
Florence Fanny Eunice
Alfred George Gee
Mable Lillian Gee
Ellen Maud Gee
= Doris Radcliffe
= Philip Anderson
= Barbara
= Phoebe
Sally Gee
= ?
Angela Gee
= ?
David Gee (twin)
= ?
Nigel Gee (twin)
= ?
Patricia Gee
 = ?
Michael Gee
= ?

Please understand that no seniority is given by the physical positions of individual family members on this page. The layout is merely constrained by attempting to describe human relations in two dimensions. No relative importance is implied or given.


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= Géraldine
= Alison
Julian Anderson
Evie Anderson
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Rita Jackson
= ?
Derek Jackson
= ?
(Major) Eric Day
= Jessie
Roy Day
Donald Day
Joyce Day
= John Saunders
Christine Day
= ? Butler
Ann Day
= ?
Matthew Saunders
Caroline Saunders
= Paul ?
Christopher Day
Bérénice Anderson
Elizabeth Anderson
Julia H Gee 1854

The same record has a sister:

Julia H Gee   b Biggleswade

Thomas Gee 1819
= Mary

One reliable record has:

Thomas Gee   b Thorney, Cambs


Sawston, Cambs.

[infant death]
[infant death]
[infant death]
[infant death]
[infant death]
[infant death]

WARNING  TREE  LAYOUT:   Until  all  birth  years  are  known  the  order  of  these  siblings  may  not  be  chronological.

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