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All about our world history: independent:   www.historylearningsite.co.uk

                                                                   BBC: www.bbc.co.uk/schools/websites/11_16/site/history.shtml

Wonderful World

National Geographic:                                www.nationalgeographic.com 

Those wonderful mexican crystals:       Mexican crystals


Crossrail 1

The largest Engineering project in Europe is now well under way. The first phase will provide up to 24 trains per hour in each direction from East to West london. Later further sections linking Heathrow Airport and Shenfield in Essex will be added. It will comprise a 118km network with 42km of new dual 6m diameter tunnels.

Eight million tonnes of spoil from these tunnels will be disposed of. This would require half a million lorry journeys and therefore five million tonnes will be carried by rail and barge on the Thames River to reduce road damage and pollution. Four million tonnes will be used to expand the nature reserve at Wallasea Island in Essex by 400 hectares thereby using up 2.2tonnes of carbon per year.

You will need to navigate a lot yourself but here are some good starting points:          Amazing stats from London Evening Standard




Free maps                                       Bruce Hunts fantastic treatise on the map history of London

Riverside Maps Pics & Pubs       Thames Pilot

Tube Lines

Central Line                   English Wikipedia entry.

Central Line (JP)           The Japanese website is far better than the US and still in Engrish.


Crossrail 2, Crossrail 3  & Superlink

More projects are planned but Crossrail 1 will have to prove itself before our politicians will appreciate public transport. I don’t like to leave you dangling without information so see:

                                    Hitchhikers Crossrail History

                                    Crossrail 2

                                    Superlink (has a lot of supporters)     Superlink Integrated Map

Cross River Tram

This is a huge project connecting Camden to Peckham and Brixton via Kingsway and across Waterloo Bridge           Cross River Tram.

Brief Guide To Countries

Select a country from the list on the site:    BBC Profile Of Europe


BBC World Service:                                   www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice

In a completely unscientific, even London-centric. way here are some excellent sites that caught my eye when wanting to cogitate the world.

Written Languages

BBC4 series of 3 programmes (2020):  The Secret History Of Writing

High Speed One

I don’t know much about this but here’s a good start:            Railway Technology HS1.


Need info on beautiful and/or interesting places I offer my experience:          PlacesToGo-UK