The Dire Story Of  9/11 2001

I don’t believe the motive for bringing down the towers was for money but some do. This is too simplistic and impossible for a civilian to organise to this extent of cover up. However whilst we all have heard of the plethora of conspiracy theories a few, by eminent Engineers, actually raise valid questions. Over the next few months I will compile a page of pertinent links that don’t fit the government explanations.

I am keen to only explore the Engineering evidence not pontificate on what organisation may or may not have perpetrated such.

Certainly a lot of money was paid out - twice. Please ignore the inverted commas emphasis around the word fortuitously because at that time all building insurances didn’t explicitly exclude terrorism. So a payout for this act was normal.


The official reports say these are the routes taken by the planes.

  1. 1.Simple Laws Of Physics Preclude Simple Free-Fall Of The Towers

  2. Unless collapse was by ‘another force’ :   How Newton's Laws Solve 9-11 .

  1. 2.Even The Hijackers Were Fake

  2. See:   Ten Reasons Why The Hijackers Were Fake

  1. 3.Not Normal Planes

  2. See:  Conclusive Evidence the 9-11 Planes Were Not Real

  1. 4.Fake Debris

  2. Completely wrong engine parts
    Cutter explosives before and after impact
    Rivers of steel molten for weeks

  3. Key people removed from building beforehand
    See:  Three Ways You Can Prove Demoliton - Irrefutable Evidence (2016)

Engineering Evidence Of Alternatives To The Simple Plane Downs Tower x2 Explanation

Engineers have to be logical people. Why are so many unhappy about the initial explanations ?

Real Engineering Evidence Confers Doubt

At school I was taught to innovate and in order to do that I was taught to doubt the accepted order of things. We cannot now doubt that the earth is round but what happens on it certainly needs to be doubted. Should politicians hold sway over Engineers ?