Robert Brandt 
(died when young)
= Thomasin Fisher
Peter Goodman (Eld)(died as infant)
= Sarah Miles
= Rebecca
Victor Goodman
Charles Goodman
Sydney Goodman
Frank Goodman
Alice Goodman
William Goodman
Jessie Goodman
Herbert Goodman
= Earnest Smith
= Donald Brandt
= Walter Dickenson
= Elaine Briggs
= (Violet) Irene Leat
= Lt Col Brian Goss
John Goodman
(died as infant)
= Roslyn Riley
(≠Greg Harris)
= Malcolm MacDonald

= Terry Howlett
(≠Stephen Hackett)
= Barry Haeger
= Richard Hastings
(≠Jonathan Woodrow)
Louis Goodman
Archie Goodman
Rory Goodman
= Pat Hall
= Craig Lingard
= Peter Carnavas

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= Geoffrey King
= Marjorie Stedman
= ?

New Zealand from 1907

= Nick Horsfall
= Julie Garetty

S Africa, Iraq, India


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Gee Family Tree

= Russell Kenworthy

4 foster children

= Donald Brandt

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500years Of Goodman Ancestry

Please understand that no seniority is given by the physical positions of individual family members on this page. The layout is merely constrained by attempting to describe human relations in two dimensions. No relative importance is implied or given.


Researching family trees is an extremely time consuming process. The webmaster sincerely acknowledges the efforts of:

1 - D JACK GOODMAN.   Full acknowledgement is given to Jack Goodman, Australia, RIP who researched hand written family trees in the 1980's.

2 - ELIZABETH WARREN. Full acknowledgement is given to Elizabeth Warren, Australia, who provided a large quantity of the original data and photos for this project in 2005.

3 - DAVID GOODMAN.  Full acknowledgement is given to David Goodman who provided photographs and background information for this project 2003 -2013.

4 - LYNN RANDALL Full acknowledgement is given to Lynn Randall for background information, dates and photographs retrieved from David Goodman in 2015..

5 - JUDITH GOODMAN.  Full acknowledgement is given to Judith Goodman, Australia. A copy of some of her work has been passed to me in July 2015 although it’s likely that her efforts occurred considerably before this time. I have used her research preceding 1700.

6 - JOHN OXENHAM GOODMAN   Full acknowledgement is given to John Goodman, Australia for his emails in Feb 2017 explaining details of his mother’s family.


This family tree is located here:  Gee Family Tree.

I am actively seeking more information about people on this tree.

Please contact me at address on Home page.

William O Goodman
Peter C Goodman
b 10/1/1800
Sophie Warren

First built in August 2012 (see below) as far as I am aware this is the world’s first fully interactive cross-referenced online family tree. There are other ‘on computer’ proform systems one can purchase but not ones that have fully functional up, down and sideways cross-referencing to online sub-pages to stills, slideshows and video. It also happens to be integrated in looks and links to other parts of the website.

Please inform me if I am wrong.

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 Joshua Haeger
Naomi Haeger

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= Ann
= Francis Heath
= Elizabeth Martin
= ?
= ?
= Margaret



= Lucy Yallan
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= Joanna Ellis
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Smiths In New Zealand
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= Nancy Owen
= Beryl Denison

Further info can be found here:

Goodman Family Name

Zoe Warren
George Warren
Alexander Warren
= Helen Lykopoulos
Oliver Jukel
Thomas Jukel
= Peter Jukel
James Jukel
(≠Belinda Richards)
Susan Dodds
= Emma Goodhew
= William ?
= Antoni
= Xraham Randall
= Anne
= Xecile
= Xsabella