Lampshire Family Tree

= Janne Jenken

Please understand that no seniority is given by the physical positions of individual family members on this page. The layout is merely constrained by attempting to describe human relations in two dimensions. No relative importance is implied or given.


I am actively seeking information about people on this tree.

Please contact me at address on Home page.


= Joan Penrose


= Ann Pope


= Mary Francis


= Mary Ann Truan
= Ann Luxmore
= Lucy Stacey
= Elaine Briggs
= Donald Brandt
= Walter Dickenson
= Russell Kenworthy
= Donald Brandt
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Coat of Arms    (Hover over)

Alfred H c1880
Edwin J c1882
Stanley J c1884
Arthur C c1888
Leslie F c1892
Catherine A c1852
Mary A c1854
John c1856
Larance c1829
George c1831
Jane c1834
Edward c1838
Cyrus c1842
Fanny c1843
Henry c1845
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