Alcester Grammar School

The School In 1970’s

School Group Photograph 1979

I attended 1972-1979. Even though I lived in Stratford-Upon-Avon and had passed the 11+ Exam all the local grammar schools were full. They happened to be single gender schools and my parents thought it might be more balanced to attend a mixed school so I was happy to travel the 8 miles by bus to Alcester. A high proportion of pupils were bused in this way so there was no stigma. In the early years this posed no social problem but from about age 15 on it did make dating girls awkward. I dated in Alcester and Stratford. Several of my friends learned to drive as soon as it was legal so this was just a short blip. There were plenty of parties and I was never aware of any issues. I had a 250cc motorbike and got around just fine when needed.

Birmingham Road, Alcester, Warwickshire   B49 5ED.

Early History

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Other Information

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