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Microsoft MakeCode is very much based upon Scratch (see the Arduino page for a quick look).


HiWonder make very useful development hardware in the form of a range of Development Boards.

Designed by the BBC for education it measures a tiny 52 x 43mm (smaller than a credit card) and packs a lot into it’s small space: three push-buttons, one 5 x 5 LED array, one accelerometer, one magnetometer, one USB 2.0 port (it’s 3.3v power is regulated from this) and one other serial port or I2C. There are 6 analogue inputs and 2-3 PWM outputs and well as 6-17 digital outputs (dependent on how it’s configured). part of the display can also sense light falling on it. Cost is ~£15. Its remit was to wear a wearable tech so it has microscopic power consumption.

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I’m actually impressed with the hardware interfaces that are available (click left hand picture for the Wiki). I don’t normally recommend any one manufacturer but Pimoroni (click right hand picture) have developed some superb units to plug into the 25pin I/O edge connector.

Graphic Programming Language


Text Programming Language


There are two official languages for use on the Micro:Bit. They are Python and Microsoft MakeCode.


This seems very user friendly. For instance accessing the display light sensor, the magnetic direction sensor or the accelerometer x, y or z values in real time. See: User Guide.


Whilst some care has been taken to check externally linked websites no responsibility is offered nor implied for the suitability, legality or reliability of content therein. As always please be sure that you have the correct protection for your device when downloading anything.

New Additions

New hardware is available. There’s also a new flashy Microbit website. Use the scroll wheel to move down or up (as as well as sideways) through the options here..         Microbit: Getting Started

Interfacing it to the outside world has come of age in big ways too ..use your browser to search for the many options.

Not Just English

The above programming methods can be written in quite a large number of the world’s languages (see right).

Host Computer Hardware Requirements

Whether Mac, PC or Linux the needs are lenient. See:  Host Computer:  Hardware, OS and Browser Requirements

Updated Hardware & Software