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Places-To-Go: Stratford-Upon-Avon

*There is also limited All Day Parking in Arden Street for £3/day  (Jan 2019)


From Stratford to Anne Hathaway’s Cottage avoiding main roads

and mainly by pleasant footpaths.

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It’s not only me that likes Stratford. For more ideas see..

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Listen LIVE to local interests at a completely community level..

The most popular setting off point to see the Cotswolds is Stratford-upon-Avon. However it has many things to see and do in its own right as you will see from this interactive map.  See below for official Tourism and Parking Prices links.

Stratford child-friendly activities.

Hugh Clopton - Generous Merchant

A new series of 4min videos, published by the Guild Chapel Trust with help from many others, describes the large number of significant contributions that bachelor Hugh Clopton (more information than wikipedia), slightly devious merchant and later Lord Mayor Of London, made to the town from the POV of one of Hugh’s apprentice painters. This merely gives an entertaining summary of a few sections of his life but is not a history of the places visited.


Why No YouTube Recommendations About Stratford ?

Having spent quite a few hours scanning our hallowed repository of commercial and homebrewed videos I have to come to the sad conclusion that I can’t recommend any. So very many of them are dire I’m embarrassed. Not surprisingly their viewing figures show how inept they are. This is an extreme example with just 4 views in 5 months but, by any standards, most others IMHO are very, very poor.


For a quick look to see the 15 best things to do here see Michele’s guide (14m)..

Stratford Local History Society

Learn about the full range of nationally significant history that originates here

Stratford’s Historic Spine Walk

As it happens history has left most of the important old buildings connected with Shakespeare along one single 2km route across the town. It runs from Shakespeare’s Birthplace to where he is buried in The Holy Trinity Church in Old Town. For an introduction to these buildings click on this map to go to Stratford Society’s very informative website.

First published in the local newspaper by a local historian they have also reproduced a number of detailed specialist articles.




Looking At Living Here - That’s A Great Story !

Blogger, Alana, moved from Canada to England. Why doesn’t she want to move back ? See (14m35):

Blogger, Kristin, moved from central USA to just outside Manchester. She is rather impressed: See (27m31):

But I do love visiting many, many parts of the USA.