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Highlighted SusTrans Routes

Below:   Purple indicates cycle routes by road;   Green indicates cycle route on designated cycle way.


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Download 6 maps.

A commercial website offering 24 guides on many local subjects.

Free leaflet on Shipston - Morton Cycle Route

A slightly odd website to use but some excellent route ideas.

Click your choice at the bottom then a map appears at the top.

A national website but this link to Warwickshire.

Download 21 maps in Oxfordshire.

Very basic at the moment but might improve. Two maps and other information based in Cirencester. Also info on Veganism !

The Kenilworth Cycling Greenway from Kenilworth to Berkswell.

Onward links to other notable sites locally.

Central repository of all council cycle ways.

Plus those maps of SusTrans*  (free, printable).

Rules For Cyclists on Britain’s highways. They are not Law. However if there’s an accident and you have broken one of these rules your insurance company, or the insurance company of anyone else involved, is likely to make you liable personally for any consequences. You therefore have a choice.

A remarkable 146mile guided walk between Stratford and The Globe in London. All information is here. Do take 2 drinks !

The friendly Vic offers cycles for hire at the start of Stratford Greenway.

Located in an old railway coach which means overheads are low so prices are keen:  07711-776340.

However beyond the first 2½miles the Greenway is very boring so do consider going round the town and/or by the river.

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A remarkable 167mile guided ride between Stratford and The Globe in London by SusTrans*. Do take a drink !

* SusTrans Maps

   All maps are available for home printing. Purchased maps are waterproof, tear-resistant paper and come in a plastic cover.

A very odd website with high hopes. Based in Cheltenham it carries a lot of ads.

This link to a few cycling ideas. It might improve in future.

There are a lot of cycling and walking groups out there see links below (If you know of any more please let me know at the address on the Home Page. Thanks)

Whilst the name and destinations are

the same these two guides are not

supplied by the same organisations.



Walking Trip 01
Cycling Trip 02
Walking Trip 05

The national Sustainable Transport resource with suggestions for making every part of your life on this planet a sustainable one.

Walking Trip 03
Beautiful walking To Ann Hathaway’s Cottage

National cycle routes along Britain’s waterways -some interactive. Download maps and tourist guides.

Also useful if you want to know historical or unusual canal properties, museums and locks.

Walking Trip 04

A complete mobile cycle repair service from £20. David 07927-642880

Like a bike shop but where you are. And they’ll even fix your puncture !