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Stratford was not just a sweet backwater but religious and political rebellion were fomented here. Men of significance started careers and invented things here. Furthermore besides all this it has actually become famous for being famous in surprising ways -in surprising places !

1- Stratford-upon-Avon   (June 2023)

Small Events That Shaped National Or International History

The intention is to look at modest local people or events that served a purpose at the time but which had huge repercussions later in history or can now be seem as world beating.


Material and opinions, from a wide variety of sources, have been where possible corroborated but in general are reproduced as actuality in good faith. Inevitably there could be mistakes and I’d like to know if you have differing evidence. There is an intention for continuous improvement therefore for these reasons no responsibility can be accepted for material that isn’t accurate but it is to the best of my knowledge at the time.

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Viewing The Presentation

Here’s a speeded up video of the presentation given in Stratford on 8th June 2023. There’s currently no narration and you will need to ‘pause’ to read each slide. This is raw out of MSPowerpoint so slides are shown full page only .

BigHistories_Stratford.m4v  (3.2Mb)

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This is a non-editable ‘show’ version that must be played by a compatible version of MSPowerpoint. Many browsers will actually play it. You will need to patiently let the animations take their time and hit any key to progress where I would have given narration.

BigHistories_Stratford.ppsx (23.6Mb)

These are more comprehensive than previously deposited here.

Unearthing events that are rarely recognised

I may make more of these presentations in the future but preparation takes a lot of time so it won’t be soon.