There were four plots. Here listed in chronological order. The last plot is the most murderous and therefore well known. Each was an attempt to reverse England’s move to Protestantism.

This latter plot was strongly supported in Warwickshire - see map below.

Engraving by Dutch artist Crispijn van de Passe 1606.


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Places-To-Go:  The Four Gunpowder Plots

To replace Elizabeth I with Mary Queen Of Scots.

Leader: Sir Francis Walsingham, Secretary of State

Based in Chartley Hall, London.

Anthony Babington,

Francis Ingiby,

Father Henry Ballard,

Sir Thomas Gerald,

Chideock Tichbourne,

Robert Barnewell,

John Savage,

Henry Donn,

Others implicated:

Edward Habington,

Charles Tilney,

Edward Jones,

John Charnock,

John Travers,

Jerome Bellamy,

Robert Gage.

1585 - Feb 1587

To kidnap King James I and hold him to ransom. Privy Council to be imprisoned.

Leader: William Watson

Based in Greenwich.

William Clarke,

Lord Grey de Wilton,

Father Henry Garnet,

Father John Gerald

George Brooke (brother of Lord Cobham).

Others implicated:

Sir Griffin Markham,

Anthony Copely,

Anne Vaux,

Henry Brooke,

Lord Cobham,

William Udall.


To replace King James I with his cousin Lady Arabella Stuart, the daughter of Charles Stuart (Earl of Lennox) and Elizabeth Cavendish.

Leader: Henry Brooke (Lord Cobham)

Based in: London

Involved persons:

Lord Grey of Wilton,

Sir Edward Parham,

Sir Walter Raleigh (imprisoned in the Tower for 13 y)

William Udall.

July 1603

To kill King James I and most of House Of Lords. Take Princess Elizabeth Stuart as Queen and marry her to a Catholic.


Based in: Coombe Abbey (Coventry)

Involved persons (inc Wikipedia links):

Guy Fawkes     (pseudonym John Johnson),

Robert and Thomas Wintour,

Thomas Percy,

John and Christopher Wright,

Robert Keyes,

Thomas Bates,

John Grant,

Ambrose Rookwood,

Sir Everard Digby,

Francis Tresham

Stephen Littleton;

Father Henry Grant;

Father Oswald Tesimond;

Nicholas Owen;

Others implicated:

Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury,

Edward Habington

John Talbot

Mr Whinniard (rented house to Fawkes)


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