Peter Goodman (Younger)

Father:     Peter Goodman         Mother:    Thomasin Fisher


Children:    James, William, Peter.

As the first born died aged 4½  months there was a gap then the next child was given the same name. I have given the subscript Elder and Younger to distinguish the two Peters born of the same parents.

Born:    Stoke Damerel c23/10/1763

Died:     1798

Married:  Ann Oxenham (b Stoke Damerel c27/9/1758)   Plymouth 21/5/1788.

Working life:  Royal Navy. Died in battle aged ~37.

It is through Ann, who was 5 years older,  that the middle name Oxenham was first used.

Siblings:  Peter (Elder), two others unknownPeterGoodmanElder1759.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0