Fascinating Art

1. Fascinating Fractals

Mind blowing colourful beauty 1080HD. Real fun: 2m10 Pink Floyd's clocks ? Further superb images at  7m20, 11m0 & 14m0.

By Scott Draves  (2h03)

I’m fascinated by art in all its glorious forms. We human beings are gifted with great talents. Art can be expressed in as many ways as there are humans. This page is split into two parts: technical computer generated art and conventional, but nevertheless clever and beautiful, art.

I particularly love this 3D HD. Don’t hesitate to jump forward a few mins in places if you feel the need. Quite like being on a Salvador Dali planet sometimes and claimed by some to be the best on the internet.

by  50 artists  (4h06)

This is similar but IMHO not as good.

By Lisandro Sabio  (19m35)

A pleasing visit to a futuristic Death Star.

By Krzysztof Marczak  (4m24)

Starting to play with defocus in 3D.

By Socialmusic  (6m50)

Really trying to be different in 3D. (sadly lots of video encoding bandwidth errors 1m23)


Short and sweet by Madman01291

A compilation of other people’s 3D imagery.

By Webfractals (11m11)

A very fast zoom through a world of spheres and webs. Gets better as it goes.

By bib993 (3m21)

This is much more organic than many of the others. Excellent lighting effects.

By Truman Brown (6m22)

A spikey world of danger.

By Arthur Stammet (14m10)

Beautiful like coral (but only short). Subtle but accurate lighting. 

By KompAddicted (2m06)

I find the severe defocus effects very distracting but you may like them. I do like the origami like look.

Another by Arthur Stammet (13m47)

Attractive, colourful and trendy (but again only short). Unusual in that there are many disconnected unique fractals. Nice defocus and desaturation with depth. I’ve watched this many times.

By Krzysztof Marczak (3m02)

Art In Ealing

On a completely different tack see the marvelous art produced locally:

By the way there are fully digital artists in Ealing:

   Andy Lomas  who has a very simple homepage but a lot of very clever material. See his Accomplishments and Awards

2. Conventional Art

Completely unique and user controlled. I’m so impressed how fast the technology is moving on. Tom takes us through his ongoing development project. What’s mind blowing is this is written to run in a web browser IN REAL TIME so his code all about efficiencies of light rendering. Not only are the fractals surprising, both industrial and organic, but the colourfulness and lighting are spectacular -all at the touch of a slider control. This is back in 2015. Not to be missed.

By Tom Beddard (16m31)

It is said that Mathematics is beautiful. I thought so at school but many hated it. The moving computer images linked here are the epitome of that notion actually brought to our eyes. I have a large Smart TV and I suggest that these are viewed that way -perhaps even in a darkened room.

This offering is much more Gothic and organic:

by Jeremie Brunet  (4m35)

This is similar but IMHO not as good:


both by Arthur Stammet  (16m05 and 9m30)

and this which is more about the music:

ny Arkady Green (7m13)

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3. Quality Free Art